The Importance of Finding Cambridge Schools in Coimbatore

The number of children enrolled in international schools has skyrocketed by 53%. International schools offer a curriculum with worldwide recognition. They help prepare children for an increasingly globalized world.

The Cambridge curriculum is one of the most widely-respected international programs. Several Cambridge schools in Coimbatore make this curriculum available to your child. Learn more about why a Cambridge school is so important for your child and how to choose the right campus.

What Is the Cambridge Curriculum?

The Cambridge International Examination curriculum is an internationally-recognized curriculum. A non-profit division of the University of Cambridge developed and produced the curriculum.

Students can follow the Cambridge Pathway system from age 3 to 19. The system has five stages:

  • Early Years (3-6 year olds)
  • Primary (5-11 year olds)
  • Lower Secondary (11-14 year olds)
  • Upper Secondary (14-16 year olds)
  • Advanced (16-19 year olds)

Each stage builds on what came before, but students can take them separately if desired.

Cambridge Early Years

Cambridge Early Years is a new program. It’s a holistic, balanced, and play-based curriculum. It gives young children the foundation they need to meet key milestones in the classroom and in life.

Cambridge Primary

Cambridge Primary includes 10 subjects, including English, science, and math. The curriculum is designed to build students’ knowledge of core subjects. It helps develop students’ creativity and expression.

Cambridge Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary

Cambridge Lower Secondary continues the broad-based education from the primary level. The Upper Secondary stage has two paths: Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) matches the English GCSE standard. The curriculum goes beyond basic content. It develops intellectual inquiry and helps students apply their knowledge to new situations.

The Cambridge O Level is an equivalent qualification to the IGCSE. However, it has fewer coursework options. It helps schools with fewer resources offer the same quality curriculum.

Cambridge Advanced

The Cambridge Advanced curriculum prepares students for university and higher education.

It includes the Cambridge International AS and A Levels. These two levels help students gain a deeper understanding of each subject. Students develop their independent thinking skills.

Cambridge Schools Offer an International Curriculum

The Cambridge curriculum has worldwide recognition. Students know that universities and employers around the world will accept their qualifications.

Cambridge International works closely with universities, employers, and governments. The organization helps give students a clear path after leaving the Cambridge program. More than 2,200 colleges and universities around the world recognize Cambridge qualifications.

Cambridge schools have a lasting reputation. Cambridge qualifications keep their value for a lifetime.

The Cambridge Curriculum Is Flexible

Cambridge schools follow strict quality standards. The curriculum is flexible, though.

Schools can offer subjects in the combination that best fits their students. They can adapt the curriculum to the local context. They can combine the Cambridge curriculum with the Indian National Curriculum Framework.

This flexibility helps make the curriculum exciting and relevant for students. Schools are able to use their resources most effectively.

Cambridge Schools Get Quality Support

Cambridge Schools have extensive support from Cambridge International. Principals can attend Cambridge Principals Forums and the annual Cambridge Schools Conference. Practical resources and guides help schools in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Implementing the Cambridge curriculum
  • Developing the quality of teaching and learning in each classroom
  • Developing effective school leadership practices
  • Staying current on educational techniques and trends

Cambridge schools have the support they need to create an effective learning environment.

Cambridge Schools Have High-Caliber Teaching

Cambridge International is committed to the highest teaching standards. Teachers have strong support, which helps them give students the best possible experience.

A secure support hub lets teachers access resources such as:

  • Schemes of work
  • Past papers
  • Mark schemes
  • Examiners reports

These resources help teachers better prepare students for assessments and exams. Teachers can talk to other teachers and experts through Cambridge discussion forums. They can ask questions and exchange strategies.

Cambridge International holds more than 1,000 training events every year. They offer professional qualifications.

Teaching resources are continuously updated. This helps instructors give students the best chances of success.

Cambridge Assessments are Reliable and Fair

Students are always nervous about their course assessments. Passing course assessments is essential for success.

Assessments in Cambridge schools are designed to be fair and reliable. They show what the student has learned. They also help to improve a student’s skills.

The assessment for learning approach gives students feedback to improve their performance. It connects learning objectives across curriculum levels and courses. Teachers help students identify specific goals and strategies to achieve them.

Cambridge exams provide an accurate assessment of each student’s abilities. No matter when or where students take the exam, they get a true evaluation. This gives Cambridge exams a lifelong value for further education or employment.

The assessment schedule is flexible. It maximizes the time for teaching and learning. This helps students gain a deeper knowledge of the subject.

Cambridge Schools in Coimbatore Make You Part of a Global Community

Enrolling in one of the Cambridge schools in Coimbatore makes you part of a global community. Almost 1 million students take part in Cambridge programs. They attend the more than 10,000 Cambridge schools in 160 countries.

The Cambridge Global Perspectives community fosters global collaboration among teachers and students. The program leads from Cambridge Primary through Cambridge Advanced. It helps students learn to think critically about global issues with many perspectives.

Choosing Cambridge Schools in Coimbatore

A Cambridge day school or residential program has many advantages for your child. They will earn a qualification with global recognition.

Cambridge schools provide a quality education. Student assessments are fair. Your child joins the global community of Cambridge students.

Several Cambridge Schools in Coimbatore are now enrolling students. You need to find the school that best fits your child’s needs.

SSVM World School in Coimbatore offers the Cambridge curriculum starting from Early Years. As current students advance, SSVM World School will add levels. It will expand to IGCSE and A level in the coming years.

Our academically-rich curriculum meets the unique needs of each child. We nurture an environment of acceptance, respect, and moral values.

Contact SSVM World School today to book a campus tour. We look forward to helping your child unlock the world.

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