How to Find the Right Day School for Your Child

In the United States, nearly 50 million students are enrolled in day school. If you’re a parent looking to enroll your children in school, you may have reservations about picking the school. How can you be certain the day school for children you’ve selected is a good fit?

If you’re curious about finding a day school in Coimbatore, we’re happy to help. Read on to learn about what to look at while selecting a school for your child.


One of the first things you should look at is the day school curriculum. Not all schools will teach the same things.

Some pieces of curriculum are state-mandated, meaning all schools must teach them. However, many private schools are able to design their curriculum without input from external bodies.

For example, do you want to raise your child without the input of religion? Many parents hesitate to put their children in religious academies. Some don’t want their children’s learning to include being indoctrinated into a faith they may not follow.

On the other hand, many parents choose religious private schools specifically for their children to learn the family’s faith. They may feel that non-religious schools don’t teach children the values they want.

Think of the curriculum you want your child to learn. During your research, see if the chosen school follows the curriculum you prefer. If not, don’t hesitate to find another institution.


Another important factor while searching for the right day school in Coimbatore is the prestige of the institution. Are you finding a school prestigious enough for the privilege of teaching your child?

Cambridge schools are known for the high standard they set. Our global standard is recognized across the world for a challenging and inspiring curriculum. Our cultural sensitivity helps students learn everything they need to succeed in society on all levels.

Don’t shortchange your child’s education by seeking lesser schools. Think of how the prestige of a school will affect your child’s future and current learning. Such benefits are beyond counting.

List of Important Factors

There’s more than curriculum and prestige that makes a school useful. What matters most to you as a parent for your child?

You should make a list of factors you may not be able to easily find. Research these questions beforehand and see if you can find an acceptable answer. Operating without such answers can lead to regrettable situations.

The Department of Education has a list of ten things to look for in a school. The list is as follows:

  1. High expectations
  2. Great teachers
  3. Effective principal
  4. Lively parent-teacher organization
  5. Busy and engaged students
  6. Children that are comfortable at school
  7. Rigorous and effective curriculum
  8. A feeling that your family is welcome and acknowledged
  9. Satisfaction with the school’s academic results
  10. The simple gut reaction that this school will fit your child

Your list should include these ten items at the bare minimum. Feel free to add to the list if you find something that’s more important to you.

For example, is the school somewhere your child can easily reach? Will you have the time in your busy schedule to drive your child to and from school? If not, are you comfortable with them taking public transportation to the institution?

What about the reputation of the school? Has the school ever had threats to the safety of students that weren’t handled properly?

Think of what matters most to you in a school. There are times for compromise, but there are also factors that you shouldn’t give and take on. Your child’s safety, comfort, and education are paramount above all else.

Visit In Person

Once your list is made, a great way to see if the school lives up to the list is to visit in person. Physically walking through the school can help answer many of your questions.

During your visit, see how clean the school is. Are the restrooms frequently messy or beyond use from a lack of cleaning? Does the flagging state of the building hint at a lack of funding for upkeep?

You can also see where your child will walk through their days. Knowing the environment your child is learning in will help you in any separation anxiety.

Finally, visiting in person is a good time to ask your questions directly. Consider seeking a faculty member or even the principal themselves. Discuss any concerns with them, and don’t hesitate to ask them questions to see if the school fulfills your desires.

PTA Meetings

Many parents skip out on parent-teacher association meetings, which can harm their child’s education. You should see if the day school you’re interested in has engaging PTA meetings.

See how involved the parents are with their children. Additionally, gauge how passionate teachers are during their meetings.

Are the conversations full of parents shouting frustrations at teachers? Do the teachers seem to have an uncomfortable or combative relationship with parents?

These things are signs that point to a disconnect between what parents want and what the school provides. Note that not all complaints are always valid and that schools often bear the brunt of parental frustration. Try to measure what you feel are valid issues that may impact your child.

Converse With Parents and Students

Once everything is done and you’re teetering on a decision, you should converse with other parents. You don’t need to only discuss the school with parents that enrolled their students in the school. What do they love about the alternative school they picked, or what do they wish they had from your chosen facility?

Additionally, discuss the school with students. It’s paramount to discuss the school with your child as well. Do they feel comfortable and interested in the school, or are you placing them there against their will?

Finding the Perfect Day School

The perfect day school will fit your criteria and rigorous standards. Search for a safe and comfortable school with an engaging curriculum and an accepting, diverse staff. Cambridge day school facilities are an ideal place for your child to learn and grow during their education.

For more information, feel free to contact us. You can also browse our site to learn more about our day school curriculum and what we offer your family.

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