Exploring the Top International Schools in Coimbatore With Cambridge Syllabus

There are almost 1.5 million schools in India. The number actually stands at 14.89 lakhs. This makes the Indian education system one of the most robust in the world. However, only 400 schools offer the acclaimed Cambridge syllabus. And as a parent looking for the best international education for your child, the search can be a little difficult. To lighten the burden, we have listed the best international schools in Coimbatore with the Cambridge syllabus below.

What Makes a Good School?

Before we venture into the best schools in Coimbatore, let’s first review what makes a good school for your child. 

A good school doesn’t revolve around one aspect of child development. But it encompasses a good balance between the following:

Academic Excellence

It goes without saying that academia is the most important aspect of any school. That is why academic excellence is the first in our list of parenting tips.

The right school for your child fosters learning and encourages development. It also nurtures curiosity while being a safe space for exploration.


Another aspect of a good school is safety. We cannot ignore that a UNESCO report revealed that one in five children has been bullied.

That means as you are choosing a school for your child, prioritize one with strict anti-bullying protocols.

Extracurricular Activities

A holistic approach to education involves extracurricular activities.

Extracurriculars are a great way to reinforce academic lessons while promoting discipline and networking. But the benefits don’t only end there.

Physical activities and other extracurricular have been proven to aid mental health and promote overall well-being.

We offer a long list of extramural activities that challenge our students to think outside the box. Our activities encourage teamwork and foster communication.

Strong Staff

A good school is backed by a strong staff. That doesn’t only mean qualified personnel but dedicated.

From teachers to the principal and the non-teaching staff, a good school is an army of people who care about the well-being of your children and nurturing their growth.

What Is the Cambridge Syllabus?

The idea behind the Cambridge syllabus stems from a need to globalize quality education. The framework brings standardization to the education industry.

Used in 10 000 schools and spread in over 160 countries, the curriculum is recognized worldwide. And it is accepted by international universities.

The syllabus can be adapted to accommodate cultural diversity while still opening the door to global education. 

It is divided into four segments designed to meet students in every age group. The Cambridge Pathway can also be used in conjunction with the national board. 

Benefits of the Cambridge Syllabus

Many benefits come with enrolling your child into one of these Cambridge syllabus schools in Coimbatore. We have listed a few below:

International Recognition

The Cambridge syllabus is globally recognized. Not only is it followed by the best international schools but it is recognized by both leading universities and employers.

The curriculum is a badge of excellence from the esteemed UK university.

Enrolling your child in a school that follows the Cambridge curriculum will help make them competitive on the global stage.

International Community

The Cambridge curriculum is not only adored internationally but endorsed worldwide. This will make your child part of a global community spread over 160 countries.

The Cambridge curriculum has a network of teachers and students, principals and parents. These constantly work together,  improving the Cambridge approach to ensure it remains relevant for students.

In-depth Assessments

Assessments at a Cambridge school aren’t just a means to an end. They are rather a way to gauge what students have learned while working to improve understanding.

We put practicality at the heart of our assessments. This prepares our students for life beyond our school.

Choosing a School

The ultimate parenting tip from us when picking a school for your child is to ensure it feeds inquiry and encourages growth. Enrolling your child in one of the international schools in Coimbatore with the Cambridge syllabus can be a step toward intellectual development and success.

At SSVM, nurturing future leaders is our core focus, and your child’s development is our top priority.  

Contact us to hear about our admission requirements.

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